Hi, my name is Maciek.

I build software products.

Most of my professional life I’ve been involved in creating ones that utilize data and extract value from it - processing, reporting tools, Business Intelligence, visualizations. This is my job, my profession, my domain.

I’ve been designing systems from scratch and implementing Business Intelligence modules for existing SaaS products. Creating web-based charts and writing services or optimizing database queries. Analysing data in R, making sense of it, “selling” it to others.

What I’ve learned, you can find on my blog. I’ve been writing about software development lately, but this is not a general rule. I write about what makes me tick currently in technology.

This year, I participated in “Daj się poznać” contest - 3 months challenge for blogging OSS developers. My project was about the contest itself - playing with its Twitter and Github data, buidling interactive visualizations. You can find a few examples here.

I’m also an author of Netric - open source, distributed profiler for web applications that visualizes code execution in Flamegraphs.

You can contact me via email: maciej.lesiczka at gmail.com.